Drum Corps World Giveaway Part Of Drum Corps Collectors Society Display

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As part of the festivies in the DCI Marketplace during DCI week at Lucas Oil Stadium, Drum Corps World will be making its entire inventory of back issues available for free distribution.

The giveaway will be part of the Drum Corps Historical Society?s first-ever display that will also include a collection of drum corps buttons from Jersey Surf Director Bob Jacobs and a selection of vintage uniforms from Archer-Epler Musketeers historian Bill Ives. This is planned to be the first of a series of presentations connected to the drum and bugle corps activity?s past, staged at future DCI Championships.


The Drum Corps Historical Society is a project of Bob Jacobs and Steve Vickers. The future goals will encompass many aspects of preserving the history of the activity that dates back to 1921 at the American Legion national convention in Kansas City, MO.

The location will be Meeting Room #1 on the lower level of Lucas Oil Stadium. When fans go down the escalators to the DCI Marketplace, the room is located to the right, while the entrance to the souvenir area is to the left.

DCW will offer 377 different issues (some in very limited quantities) dated between 1988 and 2010. More than 4,000 copies will be spread across nearly 20 tables in chronological order. This accounts for more than half of the published issues since the newspaper began publishing in October 1971.

The room will be open one hour prior to the first corps performance on Thursday afternoon August 12, Friday afternoon August 13, and Saturday afternoon August 14, as well as during the dinner break on both Thursday and Friday.

Five books that have been produced by Drum Corps World over the last eight years will be on sale at a DCI merchandise table in Meeting Room #1, including:

? ?A History of Drum & Bugle Corps,? volume 1 ? 432 pages, 1,400 photographs
? ?A History of Drum & Bugle Corps,? volume 2 ? 432 pages, 1,400 photographs
? ?The Art of Drum Corps World? ? 370 pages, nearly 1,000 cartoon panels and graphics
? ?Drum Corps International: The First 35 Years in Photos? ? 352 pages, 2,167 photographs
? ?Drum Corps International: The First Decade, 1972-1981? ? 212 pages, 409 photographs

DCW Publisher Steve Vickers will be on hand to sign books, along with Don Warren,, founder of the Cavaliers, who will have his book, ?Building the Green Machine,? available for purchase and he will also be there to sign copies. 

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