Platinum Announces 2011 Program

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Platinum Drum and Bugle corps is happy to announce their 2011 Production?

THE LETTER: Passion, Strength and Darkness.

The 2011 Production will carry a storyline that is based around the award winning movie, The Scarlett Letter. Our intent is to create raw and powerful emotions on the field through the adaption of this storyline.


Executive Director Steven Mckeiver stated, ?This is an amazing opportunity for our members to not only create excellent music in our program, but to take that musical experience and relate it to a story and situation to create an intense and powerful portrayal on the field.? Mckeiver also went on to state ?I am sure that with our change in uniform from last year, and the musical selection that we have picked, along with our instrumentation, that we will be compared to Phantom, and that?s okay, I just want everyone to know that the whole organization is quite okay to be compared to that. But we also want to be known as a ?fans? favorite corps as well.?

Planning and preparations are well under way for the 2011 season for Platinum. The corps will feature an extended tour, which will feature 2 touring segments. One of those will be from late June till early to mid July, and then finishing up with the traditional Open Class tour leading to Indy for finals.

?We cannot be anymore excited for this program, and what it is going to do. I hope that the potential members come out and join us on this remarkable journey.? Michael Nance, Visual Caption Head for Platinum said about the corps.

Information on how to audition for the Platinum Drum and Bugle corps can be found on their website by going to Audition dates will be held in North Carolina as well as Kentucky. Information on how to support the corps can also be found on the Corps website as well.

Be part of the Excellence, Join Platinum Drum Corps Today! 

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