Skyliners Alumni Dedicate Remainder Of 2010 Season To The Memory Of John Girardi

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It?s never too late to acknowledge ones heroes. John B. Girardi III was destined to become an integral part of New York Skyliner history, from the first time he walked through the door in October 1978, through the 80?s, 90?s, and into the 2000?s. Along with his duet sidekick, George ?Sidemouth? Richardson, John handled many of the solos for the corps during his tenure. He is part of a long and memorable list of soloists the Skyliners have had over the many years. Sadly, we lost John way too soon and much too young, at the age of 50, last October 2009.

John started his drum corps career with St. Joseph?s Brigade of Astoria, NY back in 1966, both as a player (until 1978) and then as an instructor (until 1980) and also with Bill?s Boys of Freeport, NY as both a player and instructor from 1976-1980. He joined SKY in the fall of 1978 and was immediately recognized by horn instructor Gus Wilke (RIP) as soloist material, and such began a long and rewarding relationship with the New York Skyliners. As a playing member and soloist through 1996 and also as an instructor from 1992-1996, John became a diamond ring bearer (for 10 consecutive years of service). He was the Skyliner?s Show Coordinator in 1994. After retiring from ?active? duty with the field corps, he joined the New York Skyliners Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps and was a playing member, soloist, and instructor from 2000-2003. For his dedication, John was elected to the Skyliner Hall of Fame in 1993.


Other corps John has been affiliated with over the years in either a player or instructor capacity include the NY Chinese Crimson Kings NYC, the Bridgemen Bayonne NJ, and Conquest Alliance UK. 

The New York Skyliner Alumni Corps along with the entire Skyliner?s organization would like to pay special tribute to this remarkably talented individual for his tireless contributions to our cause by remembering him in this way, at this time. The New York Skyliners are dedicating our final 2 performances of the 2010 season (Bridgeport CT, Sat Aug 27 and the Alumni Spectacular in Rochester NY, Sun Sept 5) to the memory of our dear friend – John B. Girardi III. 

Thank you, John, for being a true New York Skyliner. 

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