The Walk To Indy — A Focus Group Film

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In the stands people put their hands together and applaud the corps at the completion of their best show yet. On the field is a girl using everything she has left to hold herself up. Once the bass drum hits, signaling the dismissal of the corps, her body goes out and she hits the ground. The corps begins to exit the stadium as two staff members are left behind carrying her off the sideline. The conditions in drum corps are less than ideal, yet something in the activity is appealing to high school and college students, bringing them back every summer to sacrifice a vacation for one thing: music performance.

“There is no easing up in drum corps. There is no off switch,” says film director Adam Adorno. Working with Focus Group Promotions, Adorno and videographer Manny Coronado are following Pacific Crest Drum and Bugle Corps from Southern California on their summer tour. The 2010 season will be captured in The Walk to Indy showing the corps as they perform their program Maze and revealing that there are more challenges in the season than just the show.

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