Award For Most Successful Unit At CGN Individuals & Ensembles

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An extra award will be added to the CGN Individuals & Ensembles this year. Besides awards for individual achievements, a classification system for units will be instated. Units can now win an award for the most succesfull organization with members in the competition on October 30 in Eemnes.

So besides the best snaredrummer, color guardmember and mellophone player (ect), there is a unit award. For every champion in any category your unit will earn 5 points. For every second place you will earn three point, two point for a third place and 1 point for every other competitor.


If unit A has a winner in the Snare Individual category, a second place in Mellophone individual and a 4th place in the Auxiliary Ensemble competition, the totalscore for the unit will be 9. At the end of the competition the award goes to the unit with the highest score. The more competitors your unit registers, the more chance your unit will win the first I&E unit award. 

Anyone can register at 

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