Beatrix Announces 2011 Program

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Screaming police sirens, gunshots, big suits … and … a city that never sleeps. The gangster life in the year 1930 speaks to everyone’s imagination. Who doesn’t know the story of Al Capone, The Godfather and The Untouchables? The tattoos and events where Beatrix ‘Drum & Bugle Corps will be present in 2011will give a fifteen minute show turned into a gangster movie. All will breathe the atmosphere of gangsters, wild chases, poker games, and bars. Through the clashes between gangsters, everything will pass.

Beatrix ‘is known for its impressive music. Next year will be no different. The music of City of Angels guarantees a quarter swing music. The musical has won several prizes including several Tony Awards. From the Prologue to the beautiful sound o With Every Breath I take, this music will definitely appeal to the imagination.

We will soon introduce our 2011 arrangers, writers and creators. Can’t wait? Let yourself be carried away by this spectacle and then JOIN THE GANG IN 2011! 


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