Brass Clinic With Rob Balfoort Before CGN Individuals & Ensembles

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The CGN Individuals & Ensembles will be extended with a Brass clinic by Rob Balfoort. Participants in this clinic don’t have to compete in the CGN Individuals & Ensembles, but will have some benefits as they have a last chance to improve their performance.

At the start of the afternoon a play-in will start for Brass players of Drum Corps and Showbands. Balfoort, known from groups like DVS Katwijk, Adest Music Sassenheim and Beatrix’ Hilversum will learn more about various techniques. At the end of the play-in participants in the CGN Individuals & Ensembles in the Brass category will have a chance to work on their performance with Rob. This will make the total experience for participants on October 20 much more enjoyable and educational.


Very soon we will start the registration for the Brass play-in. You can already register for the Individuals & Ensembles competition thru 

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