CGN Starts Congress And 2011 Season Registration

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Color Guard Nederland (CGN) started Sunday, September 12 the Registration for the upcoming season. The registration process is completely renewed. Exciting for both the club and CGN itself. Fortunately everything energetically launched and in the first days more than 30 clubs registered. The renewal was necessary because the former system could hardly cope with the hundreds of Contest entries.

In this stage of the process only indicate that they want participate in 2011. They automatically receive a tracking number. Later, that number determines the order in which the CGN handles contest placements. Those have to be done early October. Because organizations can have multiple groups, the number of registrations is difficult to compare with previous years. But it looks like the number is slightly higher than last year around this time.


The new, highly automated process solves two main disadvantages of the old system in one stroke.

First, the old process was detrimental to large clubs with multiple groups that participate in many contests. They literally spent much time to register, so it could happen that the last group had no place at its favorite contest.

Secondly, the order of payment determined the registration order. “This meant that the processing time of banks affected the ordering,” says Edwin Haddeman, CGNs treasurer. “Now the clubs have it under their own control again.?

By combining registration with the CGN Congress Sunday, October 10, CGN hopes to encourage more groups to come to this event.

“After Finals, it?s the most important day of the year for CGN,” says Taakgroep chairman Paul Doop. “The Congress is one of the few events where the Taakgroep and the clubs get together to talk about the activity. The Congress is an important factor in the success of CGN. “

CGN 2011 season looks like this:
08-01 Contest Waalwijk
15-01 Contest Drachten 1
29-01 Contest Aalsmeer
12-02 Contest Leeuwarden
19-02 Contest Almere
05-03 Contest Goes
12-03 Contest Drachten 2
CGN Championships Eindhoven 26-03

The Goes contest is again the WGI European Indoor Percussion Regional. All contests from February 12 for are both Color Guard and Indoor Percussion.

Anyone can register for the Congress and the 2011 Season. You can register via: There you will also always find CGN latest news.

Color Guard Netherlands is a Taakgroep of the KNFM

For more information and inquiries please mail us at  info [at] colorguard [dot] org ">info [at] colorguard [dot] org 

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