Platinum Announces 2011 Audition Dates

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Platinum Drum Corps is happy to announce that they have finalized plans for the 2011 audition dates for the corps. The corps will host two auditions to the 2011 edition of the Drum Corps.

The first audition opportunity will be Nov. 6th in Danville, Kentucky at Danville High School. “We are thrilled to have this audition location available to potential members. We have received a great deal of interest from the Kentucky area, which has traditionally always been a strong area for solid drum corps membership. Camille Towns, the band director at Danville High, presented us with this opportunity and we were thrilled to accept it.” Steve McKeiver, Director of the Platinum Drum Corps said during a Thursday interview with several local Cary business leaders. Camille will also be on our design team for the 2011 season as our Drill Designer, and we couldn’t be happier.


Nov. 20th will conclude the audition opportunities for the Drum Corps in Raleigh North Carolina. “We are waiting on a few details on the specific location, but the 20th is a go for us. We just want to make sure everything is fully covered, before releasing the audition location, which might I add is a wonderful facility.” McKeiver stated.

The Administration of the corps asks that any interested member of the Platinum Drum Corps visit their website at and fill out an “prospective Member” form. The corps will work to provide and arrange transportation to the North Carolina camps. We are committed to creating an affordable experience to our members that is plentiful in Educational and Entertainment benefits.

Come be part of the Excellence! Join Platinum today! 

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