Raiders Assist Kidsgrove Scouts On Anniversary Tour

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Since the Raiders Drum and Bugle Corps of Wayne, New Jersey and the Kidsgrove Scouts of the UK are both celebrating significant anniversaries this year (20th anniversary for the Raiders and 100th anniversary for Kidsgrove), it just seemed natural for the Raiders to lend a hand to Kidsgrove on their US tour. As part of their 100th anniversary celebration, the Kidsgrove Scouts senior corps traveled to the US for a tour which concluded with the DCA championships.

As anyone who has traveled with a corps knows, the logistics of moving a corps from one city to another can be challenging, so the task of moving a corps to another continent definitely requires a well planned strategy. Coordinating travel arrangements for corps members is tough enough, but when it comes to moving instruments and supplies ? well, that can be nearly impossible! The Kidagrove Scouts made the decision to leave their instruments at home and make arrangements to use instruments in the US for their performances. When Raiders Executive Director, Tom Maiello, learned about the Kidsgrove Scouts? needs, he didn?t hesitate to offer the Raiders? equipment truck and its? contents to the corps. With the Raiders ending their season on a high note as Open Class finalists for the twelfth year, providing assistance to the Kidsgrove Scouts for their 100th anniversary tour was the icing on the cake.


Kidsgrove?s US tour marks only the second time a corps from the UK has had a United States tour, with the first time occurring in 1990. The Kidsgrove Scouts competed in DCA shows, concluding with a sixth place finish at the DCA championships in Rochester, NY. They have returned home to compete in DCUK and DCE championships in late September, but during the United States leg of their tour, it was great for the Raiders to know that they played a role in this historic tour for the Kidsgrove Scouts. 

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