Raiders Now Accepting Educational Team Applications

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2010 was a true Celebration for the Raiders Organization. Competing for their 20th straight year, the Raiders again found enormous success on and off the field.

While the corps achieved it’s highest placement and score in DCI’s Open Class Division in 2010, the corps can’t rest on it’s success. Now the Raiders are looking to move forward to bring a new level of excitement and competitiveness to the organization.

At this time the Raiders are accepting Educational Staff Resumes from interested individuals that would like to be part of the corps future success.


Percussion Arranger
Percussion Caption Head
Battery and Pit Techs

Color Guard Caption Heads
Color Guard Techs

Visual Caption Head
Visual Caption Techs

Brass Techs

“We’ve had great success over the past 10 years within DCI. Winning a Divisional World Championship, along with Silver and Bronze medals has been fantastic. Making finals for 10 years straight shows we have a solid foundation in place, now we want to take the next step”, added Corps Director Tom Maiello.

To submit you resume for review, please send it to tom [dot] maiello [at] raidersdbc [dot] org 

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