Zarfoss Appointed New Secretary Of World Drum Corps Hall Of Fame

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World Drum Corps Hall of Fame president Bob Glovna of Bridgeport, Connecticut, has appointed Bob Zarfoss of York, Pennsylvania the new executive secretary of the organization, replacing Jim Cossetti, of Philadelphia, who recently retired from the position after almost a decade of service.

Zarfoss began his duties during the Hall of Fame?s executive committee meeting held in Rochester, New York on the same day as the annual luncheon and induction of new members, followed by a general meeting for associate and regular members. The Hall of Fame?s annual induction ceremony and business meeting are traditionally held on Labor Day weekend during the Drum Corps Associates (DCA) world championship tournament, although there is no formal connection between the Hall of Fame and DCA. 


Zarfoss was inducted into the Hall of Fame as a regular member in 2009, and was among the first group of associate members inducted in 2001 when that category was created. He is also a member of the Pennsylvania Drum Corps Hall of Fame and the American Patriots Rudimental Drum Club Hall of Fame. He has been a percussion performer, composer, instructor, judge and administrator for several corps in southern Pennsylvania during a career that began when he first played a snare drum with York White Roses in 1952. 

While performing, arranging and teaching with the United States Air Force (USAF) Drum and Bugle Corps drum line in 1958, he was the first percussion arranger to work with future Hall of Fame member Truman Crawford. He was a percussion judge with the National Judges Association from 1961 through 1980, and previously offered freelance judging services in the Washington, D.C. area. 

The other members of the Hall of Fame executive, and their positions, are vice president Robert Peterson of North Mankato, Minnesota; banquet chair Shirley (Babe) McGrath of Rochester, New York; membership chairman Dick Filkins of West Palm Beach, Florida; treasurer Robert Neuhoff of Sea Bright, New Jersey; chaplainhistorian Bill McGrath of Rochester, New York; systems information chair/Webmaster Carol Hooton of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; public relations chair Roy Wilson of Burlington, Ontario. Executive committee members at large are Rip Bernert of Blackwood, New Jersey; Roman Blenski of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Bob Findley of Shelton, Connecticut; Riggie Laus of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

The World Drum Corps Hall of Fame was founded in 1976 by the late Vince Bruni, of Rochester, New York, with the initial induction of six charter members taking place on the contest field during the DCA championships. Since then, membership has grown to 444 regular and associate members from the United States and Canada, who have contributed to the activity across North America, England, the Netherlands, the Middle East, South Africa and Japan. 

The World Drum Corps Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization honoring those individuals who have contributed significantly over many years to the development and continuing excellence of drum and bugle corps activity. The Hall of Fame aims to enhance a feeling of good fellowship among individuals and organizations involved with drum and bugle corps activity, thereby enhancing constructive contributions in all areas. Special projects include a winter sunshine cruise, open to all members of the public, and the awarding of scholarships to deserving university and college students related to Hall of Fame members. 

The organization also seeks to preserve the history of the drum and bugle corps movement in North America by selecting a noteworthy junior and all age (senior) corps of the decade. The two corps chosen for the decade ending in 2009 are the Cavaliers, of Rosemont, Illinois and the Buccaneers, of Reading, Pennsylvania, both winners of five championships between 2000 and 2009. 

For more information about the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame, including biographies of members, corps of the decade since the 1940s, information about 2010 scholarship winners, nomination forms, an outline of selection procedures and information about the winter cruise in the Caribbean, visit the Web site at 

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