Cadets Siblings Connect On And Off The Field

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For eight Cadets, gathering around the family dinner table almost inevitably ends up with conversations centering on the drum corps. Just check in with Kaitlin and Megan Czekaj, twin sisters in The Cadets colorguard, at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Kaitlin, 20, returns from Las Vegas, and Megan, 20, meet up with their parents at their San Antonio, Texas home, and all things Maroon and Gold become the topic of the day!

?Whenever we come home for the holidays, it?s Cadets 24/7. We?re eating dinner and watching Cadets? championship videos, or we?re in the car on our way somewhere listening to Cadets? audio downloads from finals. Our family bleeds Maroon and Gold?true die-hard Cadets? fans,? said Megan, a nursing student at the University of Miami.

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