Jubal Presents 2011 Trailer

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Jubal’s design team is preparing thoroughly for the 2011 season. In the last couple of weeks/months a lot of time and energy as already been invested in the anniversary program “Back to the Future”. The new program that has recently been released is starting to take serious shape already. The horn and drum parts for the opener are almost ready and the music of the ballad “Flying” is actually done. Never before has Jubal had the opportunity to teach the ballad during the Open House, but this year it is actually going to happen with all the horns (members and visitors).

The original music from Cirque de Soleil “Flying” is also the background music of the Back to the Future trailer. To get everyone excited about the 2011 season and for the Open House we hereby present the trailer of Jubal 2011: “Back to the Future”. The wonderful movie was designed by Paul Versteeg and the beautiful logo by Peter Franken. Thanks gentlemen!

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