Boston Crusaders Announce 2011 Program

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The Boston Crusaders are pleased to announce that their 2011 production will revolve around the concept of ‘Revolution,’ featuring primary source material from the world renowned musical, ‘Les Miserables.’

According to Percussion Caption Head and Arranger Ellis Hampton, “Choosing source music that is so familiar and beloved by so many provides an opportunity to both connect with our audience on an emotional level and explore fresh approaches and concepts–to breathe new life into a classic.”

“We feel the intimate familiarity, the concept, and especially the musical score will resonate with both the fans and our own performers,” said Crusaders Executive Director Tom Spataro. “Our designers always consider fan appeal when creating our productions, but we want it to be clear to everyone that this is the ultimate priority for 2011. Making a strong emotional connection with the audience is what this show is all about, and we feel that the Les Mis music, combined with 1812 and other additional material we are looking at, is the perfect vehicle to do so. We are confident that this production will give us the canvas to create the powerful, emotional and virtuosic drum corps experience that fans of all ages crave.”

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