Pioneer Announces 2011 Program

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As time goes by, we all reflect upon the past. The 2011 Pioneer Corps? season will be no different. As we begin to ?CELEBRATE? the corps? 50th anniversary, we are designing our musical program around some of the more audience-appealing productions of the past. The glittering shamrocks on the trademark U.S. Marine Corps-styled white caps need no introduction for the ?Irish Corps,? the Pioneer Corps from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We will come onto the field with a recording of, ?As Time Goes By.? This song has been selected because it reflects that our production is about our 50 Years of existence in the drum corps arena.


?As Time Goes By? was written in 1931 by Herman Hupfield, for the Broadway Musical ?Everybody?s Welcome? (how appropriate!). It was also used as the recurring theme in the 1942 movie, ?Casablanca.? The American Film Institute selected it as the second best song in the film. In 1999, National Public Radio included it as one of the most important American musical works of the 20th Century.

Our First Production: FOUR SCOTTISH DANCES
These are a set of light musical pieces composed in 1957 by Malcolm Arnold. The set consists of four dances that are inspired by Scottish country folk tunes and dances. The pieces are intended to utilize sounds intended to imitate bagpipes and the Reel and Scotch snap rhythm. For those of you who performed with the Pioneer Corps in the ?90?s, you will remember this from the ?Celtic Dances? and ?Voices of the Isle? programs.

Our Second Production: SECOND SUITE in F for MILITARY BAND
This was composed in 1911 by Gustav Holst. It is a staple of British band literature. We will be using the second movement that is more commonly known as the ?Song without Words, I?ll Love My Love.? This movement presents a soft ballad that builds to an arc of intensity. The suite is no stranger to the Pioneer, as other movements from this suite have been used by the corps in the 1990?s and 2000?s. 

Our Third Production: SYMPHONY #9 (From the NEW WORLD)
This was composed in the 1890?s by Antonin Dvorak. Musically, it explains Dvorak?s journey to America, getting to know its people and his own spiritual and emotional journey: from his intense longing for his beloved Bohemia to the thrill of the ?new world? and its varied peoples, to the thoughts of going home. For those who performed with the corps in the 1960?s, it will bring back some fond memories.

Our Fourth Production: AS TIME GOES BY
Our full ensemble will be featured performing this song. It is a fitting conclusion, in that as old times go, new times begin. It will be both a fitting finale to our past 50 years and a statement of years to come, as we continue to entertain audiences across the country.

For all of our fans of other past music, listen carefully throughout the show. You will hear carefully selected and placed musical strains of other old favorites. Wherever possible the Pioneer Corps will troop the stands, ?Passing in Review,? playing its theme song, ?The Garry Owen March?, following an age-old tradition of when the corps was militarily oriented. Fans from all over the United States will put their hands together, synchronized to the Irish beats, as some of the finest young people from all over the United States, as well as from five other countries parade in front of them. 

Please visit us often at winter rehearsal camps and summer performances as we ?CELEBRATE!?

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