Platinum Holiday Campaign

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Platinum Drum Corps of Raleigh North Carolina is pleased to announce that our auditioning phase is well under way for the 2011 season.

“Our Kentucky Audition Camp was a great success” Steve McKeiver Executive Director of Platinum stated. ‘We had a great group of people gather in Elizabethtown KY, an area always strong with representation to Drum Corps. In fact that area is home to the most championship bands, all but one of the 5 schools there have been Kentucky State Champions which is remarkable in its own right, and the one that hasn’t is only in its infancy as a school. From that camp we were grateful to welcome about several members to our organization and also offer several call backs.” 


We are now planning for our main Raleigh auditions. This is an exciting time for us, one that should not be over shadowed by the ever growing need for support from the Drum Corps Community! Our main goal is to offer the opportunity to as many people as possible to march the activity. We have launched our Holiday Campaign for the corps. This campaign will allow fans and supporters to help sponsor one of our already contracted members with their dues, or to make a general donation to the corps! You can also use this method to donate to a specific section, which will go to help lower the costs associated with being a member of that section of the drum corps.

We understand money is tight for EVERYONE! We are no different in that area! But we also know that even pennies help when they are done in large groups. Please consider giving just $1 to help change the lives of just ONE of our members. We ask that you remember the good times you had pushing your tour bus down the road in the rain in the middle of Iowa, remember the DCM Championships, remember the late night gatherings with other corps. I am sure that alone is worth the $1.

Please visit Platinum’s ONLINE STORE to take part in our Holiday Campaign. 

You can also check out the Corps by visiting their website today! Platinum Drum and Bugle Corps

That you for supporting part of the Excellence! 

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