The Heartliner Drum Corps Ceases Operations

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After a succesful competition season, the decision to fold came all of a sudden. The new programme was already in progress, the corps members were ready for the new season and seeking for new members.

Financially, Heartliner have always had quite a heavy task to manage. Due to this fact, the corps’s next-season show entitled “HEART-rock” had been specially designed to be a lot more entertaining and crowd-pleasing. We were planning on getting more involved into local activities and presting ourselves better. Staying a competitive corps with a new show still was our goal for the upcoming season. Unfortunately and sadly, Heartliner are losing half of their hornline now, all of a sudden. 


We truly regret to announce our folding, instead of the corp’s new programme for their 4th competition season. The main reason is the huge loss of our sponsor, a trans-nation wide company, as we our unable to meet their conditions and present a show programme. This loss also means that our plans for purchasing new instruments is invalid now. Whatever the future plans should be for the corps will be seen in a few weeks time. 

The HEARTLINER are looking back to 3 years of innovative and eventful drum corps. We would like to thank all of our recent and former members, friends, fans and patrons for a wonderful time “ON THE FIELD”.


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