2010 Crossmen Annual Holiday Campaign

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This week brings the opening of the Crossmen Annual Holiday Campaign.The annual campaign has been a tradition of the Crossmen for many years and is especially significant this year as the corps celebrates the start of our 37th Season! ?The Holidays are always a special time of the year for our corps and all who love it. The Crossmen family has always been a generous and giving family of people who truly know how to celebrate the spirit of the Holidays? said Executive/Corps Director Fred Morrison. We wish to thank all those that continue to make their contribution to the corps in these challenging times.

With the added tour costs the corps experienced from high fuel and food costs in 2010 as well as the purchase of additional instruments due to an increase in the number in the hornline (72 to 80) for 2011, the need for additional funds for the corps is an ever growing equation. The 2011 season brings with it the expectation of increasing the size of the hornline to 80 with the addition of flugel horns. “Our goal is to receive $20,000 in donations from Crossmen alumni, family, friends and fans.” added Morrison. If you feel in the Holiday Spirit and want to contribute to your corps, we can use your help. No gift is too small”

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