Academy Board Approves New Scholarship Program For Returning Corps Members

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This morning in the monthly meeting of the board of directors of The Academy, Executive Director Mark Richardson presented a new concept of financial assistance to returning members of the corps. A unanimous vote of approval moves the program into effect for the 2011 season and will help both current and future members of The Academy be able to continue their participation until their age-out season.

This inspired idea comes from an understanding that it has become increasingly difficult for students to sustain their involvement in this activity year after year. “The board and leadership of The Academy realizes the great commitment it requires for a family to support a student through multiple years of drum corps”, says Director Mark Richardson. “As a student ages and tries to navigate through college and begins to look ahead at their career life, it becomes even more difficult to raise the money for multiple seasons. Not helping in the matter has been an increase in financial requirements for the members activity-wide.”

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