Mandarins Entertain California Lawmakers

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On January 11th, the Sacramento Mandarins provided entertainment for the top officials in the State of California. This day marked the 2011 opening of the California State Legislature. Following a long day in session, the legislators and their aides attended the Legislature “Big Bash” to celebrate their return to session. The evening began with a parade formation of uniformed Mandarins drummers, waking up the crowd to a ear splitting street cadence. While gospel singers performed, the drummers did a quick change and then engaged in a lively street drumming routine on buckets, chairs and yes, more cowbell. The evening ended with dancing and a photo op with the top senator, Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg. Special thanks go out to Santiago Sabado for arranging, leading rehearsals and performing in this event. Also thanks to Katrina Nadolski, Chris Chin and Kevin Bowlson for representing the Sacramento Mandarins well with their outstanding performance.

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