Racine Scouts Announce 2011 Program

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In the darkest of days, there exists hope of a better place. Resurrection is a musical journey out of the darkness and into new life which takes us through the full spectrum of human emotion. With John Rutter?s Lux Aeternum from his Requiem, we sense the inner conflict of a soul disillusioned with its existence and searching for truth and light. There is a point of crisis as the soul rages against its demons set to Verdi?s Dies Irae from his Requiem. Dead to its former existence and rage spent, the soul is enfolded in hope and peace in Schubert?s Ave Maria. Through Robert W. Smith?s Ascension, the soul is caught up into a glorious new life of pure joy. Our journey fades into the distance with strains from the Scouts historical anthem Onward Christian Soldiers as the corps seeks the way forward from its Resurrection

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