SCV Fans View First Look Audition Camp Video

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A few weeks back we offered this video recap of the audition camp to SCV STAR CLUB members, then last week we offered it to MySCV account holders (you can be one of either…OR BOTH). Today, we’re offering it to everyone else and there will be a lot more to come.

Want to see these videos as soon as they come out? We already have the second video sitting on MySCV account holder’s dashboards, and soon, the STAR CLUB members will be getting their third video of the season. The corps just finished the second camp of the winter and our SCV Video guy is working long hours to get the fourth and fifth videos finished and up on the site.

Of course, we’ll offer (most of) them to the general public, eventually, but there will be some special videos that let some secrets out, as well as give you a taste of The Devil’s Staircase, that may not ever get beyond the STAR CLUB members or MySCV account holders…..we’ll see.

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