Here Comes The Summer Of 2011

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Every day, supporters of Youth Education in the Arts let us know how dear and cherished our programs are to them. The Cadets, the US Scholastic Band Association and the Urban Arts Center of the Lehigh Valley flourished in 2010, much in response to the outpouring of financial support shown by our loyal alumni and friends.

More than 750 donors gave to The Cadets during four campaigns in 2010, each and every contribution helping to bring an extraordinary and life-changing experience to the lives of 150 young men and women. We have folks who gave to the holiday fund, the summer annual campaign, and even special solicitations intended to take Hopkins off line for a few days! We had individuals give to the repair of a bus, we have those who contribute food and we have many, many, and many who give of their time and expertise to assist the cause.

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