2011 Velvet Knights February Camp Report

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It was an unusually cold weekend over at Chino Hills High School, as an ocean of ominous black clouds spread rain across several areas, adding a considerable logistical challenge for the corps to overcome. Needless to say, during a wet and chilly Saturday rehearsal the corps pushed through in continuing their path to complete their 2011 production, “Play Ball!” Music for the Opener segment of the show was handed out to each section, with caption heads and tech diligently working throughout the weekend to teach the members the new material.

The excitement in the air was considerable, as it was a sign of the production starting to take shape. It is one thing to discuss ideas, but it is another to witness those ideas come to fruition. But Saturday was merely a precursor to what would follow on Sunday. With no rain in sight, but the cold weather still in full effect, the corps continued work in all facets – musical and physical. There is careful consideration in the way the corps is being trained from a physical standpoint, as the game of baseball itself can be physically taxing. Add it with the athleticism that encompasses drum corps and it is easy to see the necessity of an effective physical training program.

But the members pushed through, all leading up to the final hour or so where the first full ensemble of the season occurred. Stationed near an outdoor stage located in the heart of the campus, both drum majors geared up for the first few run-throughs of the opening production. It was a sight to see and behold, as there were genuine moments of raw power followed by that brief silence where you can hear the smallest pin drop. The smiles on the faces of the members, as well as that of the staff, were a surefire sign that the weekend has indeed been quite a success.

There was much discussion afterwards between the members and the staff, all reflecting upon the accomplishments of the weekend, as well as what the goals are for the remainder of the season. The corps intends to meet again in March to push forward with another segment of the show, honing the members’ respective talents to bring forth another VK production worthy of bearing its timeless brand of entertainment – as the corps’ overall goal is to provide an experience for the casual and hardcore drum corps fan alike, while still maintaining a program of considerable merit.

If this weekend was any indication, the corps is well on their way to make their 2011 production something people will remember and discuss for years to come.

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