Boston Crusaders Member Gives Back

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Growing up I’ve been active in simply helping people. Even now I am studying music therapy. A few weeks ago, I cut my hair and donated it to a foundation called Children with Hairloss. It is an organization that makes wigs to sell for discounted prices to families of children to young adults ages 21 and younger. Unlike many other organizations which make wigs, this organization prides itself in making quality wigs that are available to ALL children with medical-related hair loss. Most others are specifically for chemotherapy patients, but there are many other reasons a child could lose their hair. I donated a braid ten inches long and the other little chunks of hair that were cut off for the styling are donated to an organization that makes mats to aid in the clean up of oil spills. Not only am I thrilled about being able to give my hair to someone who will appreciate it, but this summer will be more pleasant with less hair to worry about too!

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