Brigadiers Accepting Resumes For Corps Director Position

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The Brigadiers Music Association (the BMA) is beginning the process of interviewing qualified/interested candidates for Corps Director of the Brigadiers Drum and Bugle Corps (the Brigadiers.) The BMA is an Educational Organization dedicated to providing teens, adults, and adult-educators the ability to learn, grow, and perform through the pageantry of arts. The Brigadiers have been one of the most successful all-age drum and bugle corps in history and is eager to retake the field in 2012.

What You Need to Succeed:

The process will begin with a call for interested candidates to forward their resumes listing professional and pageantry arts experience, along with their answers to the long-form employment questionnaire located below. The successful candidate will be chosen for his/her well defined, professional strengths, vision, and drive to lead the Brigadiers into its future! Furthermore, the successful candidate will not only be the public spokesperson of the corps, but will need to be:

· A motivated planner and self-starter
· An authoritative leader willing to hear opposing views, and make hard decisions
· A very well organized individual able to motivate others to accomplish timely goals
· Able to communicate ideas in an easily understandable manner
· Able to delegate tasks to those (s)he has hired
· Able to work within a budget to accomplish the corps’ goals
· Able to work under the auspices of an active Board of Directors
· A resident of New York State by December of 2011

Make an Impact!

All interested candidates will be asked to submit a resume listing professional and pageantry arts experience, along with the long-form questionnaire located below by April 25, 2011. Upon the review of all applications, the executive board will be hosting face-to-face interviews the weekend of April 30th. Please submit completed materials to:

Randy May, President
Brigadiers Music Association
randymay [at] us [dot] ibm [dot] com randymay [at] us [dot] ibm [dot] com

Thank you,

The Executive Board of the Brigadiers Music Association

In addition to your resume, please submit your answers to the following six questions.

1) Why did you decide to seek the Corps Director position with The Brigadiers?
2) What would be your long and short range goals and objectives for the corps?
3) How do you plan to achieve these goals? Please be very specific.
4) The Brigadiers Music Association is primarily an educational organization. How important is it to you to provide a rich, educational experience for members? How would this be accomplished?
5) Recruitment is one of the most important aspects of a successful drum corps. What ideas do you have on this and how would you implement them? (Please also consider the recruitment of volunteers in your answer.)
6) Why should the Brigadiers hire you for the Corps Director position?

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