Venue Change For 2011 NightBEAT

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On March 2nd, the Mecklenburg Parks and Recreation Department sent a press release out announcing that “Memorial Stadium is closed while an engineering firm is sought to assess the structural integrity of the seating areas and to provide recommendations for repairs.” With that, Stadium management has also told us that as a precaution we should look for another venue for the event in 2011.

Having overcome a similar challenge when the stadium was also closed from 2008-2010 for repairs to the end zone seating area, a thorough review of all available venue options to hold this year’s special edition event was conducted. As a result, the July 31st NightBEAT presents Tour of Champions series event will be held at Rock Hill District 3 Stadium, the home of NightBEAT 2009 and 2010! Together again with the three Rock Hill high schools as part of our Partnership in Education program, Carolina Crown is committed to making the 2011 NightBEAT presents Tour of Champions series event the greatest show you have ever attended!

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