2011 Genesis Dinner And A Movie Fundraiser

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Have you ever donated money to a good cause and thought “I wish I got something for my good deed.”? Well now you can save HUNDREDS of dollars over the next year just for donating $10 to Genesis. When you make a Donation of at least $10, Genesis will send you a discount card in the mail. This card is good anywhere in the country for things like Shopping, buy one get one free pizza, movies, restaurants and much more. Once you receive your card you simply put in any zipcode to find hundreds of deals in that local area. Going on vacation? Use your card to purchase clothes, get buy one get one deals where you are going and in most cases even save 50% 0n car rentals and hotels. If you have a family or are a student just imagine getting a buy one get one free coupon for Pizza or Subway every week for 52 weeks!!! That alone is worth over $200!!! AND ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE AWARDED TO MEMBERS TO HELP COVER THEIR COSTS FOR THE SUMMER!! Please consider a donation to Genesis by clicking the buy now button here and start enjoying huge savings right away!

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