Jersey Surf Announces The 2011 “Name Your Own Price” Tour

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Since forming the Jersey Surf in 1990, one of the organization’s primary goals has been to make sure that motivated young people are able to experience the incredible opportunities offered through their participation in the competitive touring drum & bugle corps activity, regardless of their financial backgrounds.

Today, with the increasing costs of education, car insurance and living expenses making it more difficult than ever for students to participate in activities like drum corps, the Surf organization is renewing its commitment… ensuring that membership in The Jersey Surf remains within reach for all of those who wish to join our team.

The Jersey Surf is pleased to introduce the “Name Your Own Price”?2011 Drum Corps Tour. Through this innovative approach, our goal is to offer a truly World Class drum corps experience to everyone who wishes to push themselves beyond the status quo, and for all of those who possess the desire to “Share the Love” of performance with thousands of other performers and tens of thousands of fans in stadiums throughout the United States this summer.

“This has been a particularly challenging year for filling out the ranks of our brass section,” says Bob Jacobs, Executive Director of the Jersey Surf. “More than at any time in our 21-year history, we know that many of our prospective and returning members are facing financial challenges which could prevent their continued involvement in many activities, including drum corps. Although our touring model continues to provide corps members and volunteers with an alternative to the full-time summer touring commitment, we’ve come to understand that we need to do even more to make it possible for more people to experience the remarkable drum corps lifestyle.”

“To that end, we’ve been working to create opportunities for corps members and their families to pay out of pocket only that which they can afford, while still having the opportunity to receive World Class instruction and a phenomenal summer touring experience.”

“We intend to make up the difference in our operating buget through an aggressive organization-wide fund raising program for the remainder of the year, involving our former marching members, instructional staff, volunteers and friends of the organization. We’ll also be counting on current marching members to pitch in with several upcoming activities which will help to lighten the load for the entire team.”

For additional information on the Jersey Surf and the 2011 “Name Your Own Price” tour, or to help us to continue our tradition of providing a great experience for the entire Jersey Surf family, please contact us today at “info [at] jerseysurf [dot] org.”

We welcome your comments and appreciate your generosity.

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