Bushwackers Announce Retirement Of Director Jay Morlot

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After 24 years of dedicated service, Jay Morlot has stepped down as director of the Bushwackers Drum & Bugle Corps, effective May 1, 2011. Jay’s decision was not an easy one, and he leaves behind a legacy that will be difficult to match. At age 22, Jay joined the upstart new corps and was then named director in the fall of 1987. Having seen the corps through six DCA Championship titles, he was inducted into the Bushwackers Hall of Fame in 2008.

In consideration of Jay’s retirement, transition team leader John Hannigan, alumnus of the Bushwackers and Garfield Cadets, began the process of renewing the leadership of the corps. This first meeting of the team was one of several to be had, but laid the groundwork for the next chapter in the evolution of the Bushwackers.

The first of many very real changes for the corps is the installment of a new corps director. The Bushwackers are proud to announce the appointment of Bob Gupta as interim corps director. Mr. Gupta, an alumnus of the Crossmen and Garfield Cadets, accepted the task of guiding the corps and is already working to steer the corps through the remainder of the 2011 season.

The 2011 season marks the 30th anniversary for the Bushwackers, and they will continue working on their field show with Mr. Gupta at the helm. There will be no interruption of operations during this exciting time for the corps!

Moving forward, the transition team will be filling positions on a revamped Board of Directors, and a series of committees designed to support the corps in new and creative ways in the interest of building a strong support network for the organization. Look to the Bushwackers website for breaking news and information in this regard.

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