Cadets Laundry And A Free Day

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Yesterday’s schedule was definitely a “Cadet free day,” but the corps did get some quality time off. The Cadets rehearsed from 10 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. in marching and sectionals, then took showers and packed up their lives. While the buses took the hornline, color guard and front ensemble to laundromats, the drumline stayed back from the fun.

Sadly, snare drummer Jordan Swindoll will not be able to finish the season due to a hip injury, so the rest of the line volunteered to stay back and close down his hole in the drill. Drumline holes aren’t like holes in the brass or color guard; adding a new guy to that small group of people almost never works out well, and it’s better to march one less person than to try to replace them.

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