Rehearsals, Fittings, Logistics For Cadets

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Day two in Chanhassen, Minn. was at least as productive as the first, and the weather was equally perfect. While The Cadets were beginning to look a little dazed by Ensemble Part 2 tonight, the run-through at the end of the long day was electric. After two days of work, the show has taken significant steps forward. If they keep up this pace, The Cadets will certainly be ready to take on the rest of the season, which is packed with show days and little time to stop and rehearse.

All demons in the corps were refitted in their uniforms today; they came two-by-two into the school all day long until everyone who lost weight (which was pretty much everyone) was looking sharp for the first regional. Tomorrow, it’s the angels’ turn. Sue King and Deborah Conner are our two devoted servants; they’ve been working 12- to 13- hour days to get the uniforms properly tailored. Joe Roche dropped by to watch low brass fittings for a while; he seemed very pleased with all the inches the tubas and baritones have lost.

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