In The News: The Oregon Crusaders

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Passion, dedication and commitment to excellence are often goals associated with a sports team or a music ensemble. What about a marching music band? What? You never thought that a marching music band could provide the educational, cultural, interpersonal, physical, and emotional growth necessary for today’s young people to become leaders? Well, think again. Oregon is lucky to have a Major League Team in marching music, the Oregon Crusaders, in its own backyard. In fact, the largest performing group of the Oregon Crusaders, the Oregon Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps, is in the midst of fighting for a national championship in Indianapolis, Indiana with the results to be handed out on August 12th. OMN’s Publisher, Ana Ammann, had the opportunity address the Crusaders and their families as keynote speaker at a rousing send-off gala performance for over 400 attendees at Tualatin High School on July 21st. OMN had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Phil Marshall, the Oregon Crusaders’ President of the Board of Directors, to learn more about this amazing organization.

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