Cadets Design Team Sets Stage For 2012

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On Sunday, September 11th, the Cadets Design team met in Philadelphia to discuss programming for 2012.

Discussions began with a good two hour review of the positives and negatives regarding the program this past year, why it worked and what could be learned.

According to Jay Bocook, brass arranger and DCI and Cadets Hall of Fame member, “We work each year to come up with entertaining and yet, challenging programs and some years, things seem to click.” Bocook continued, “What clearly worked for people was the fact that the show was so clear in intent. We all knew what the program was about, most every minute. We also saw that in addition to the demand, the fast paced drill and all that makes us the Cadets, what really seemed to elevate the program was the ballad and large portions of the closer. Here, emotion, seemed to make all of the difference.”

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