CGN 2012 Registration Starts Next Sunday

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Next Sunday Color Guard Netherlands (CGN) will start the registration for the new season. If you are planning to participate at one or more contest in 2012 , then Sunday, September 18 is an important date.

At 15:00 that day, the enrollment starts for the CGN Congress on Sunday, October 16 at Eemnes and registration for the 2012 CGN season.
To that registration the assignment of a serial number is attached. Especially for color guard groups some contests are so popular that there are more applications than places. A low registration number therefore increases the chance that you can join the contests of your choice.

The CGN Congress is an annual event where all participating clubs meet. In the morning the Taakgroep (the board of Color Guard Netherlands) explain all the coming season. In the afternoon a number of workshops for instructors and program directors.

Access to the Congress is free. The Congress is almost all in Dutch and translators might not be (easily) available.

The actual contest registration starts on Wednesday, October 12. So if you are still unsure know whether you want to join, or exactly which contests you want to attend, you can start by registering next Sunday and get that low registration number.

And even if you are not (yet) participating in our contests in 2012, you are cordially invited to the CGN Congress.

On 18 September, the link to the registration-page shall be distributed in a news item on our website. You can use the link to start and complete your registration.

If you have questions or comments, mail them to info [at] colorguard [dot] org.

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