Beatrix Announces 2012 Program

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A drumcorps program is never finished. The program unfolds itself even before the first sheets of music are handed out.

On a cold winter day the first sheets of music are placed upon the music-stands. From that moment on you will see and hear the program grow and everyone who is involved with the corps adds bit by bit to the total product. The members rehearse at home, the sections are clean together and in the ensemble rehearsals the loose prefabricated parts are nailed together. Every part of this big machine makes sure that it knows what the next step is that has to be taken to bring the product to the next level. And that is just the thing that will be possible with this new Beatrix’ program.

In 2012 Beatrix’ will be building, building and building. At the Finals party the blue-prints were revealed. The architects drew the foundations on paper and the suppliers of this program are already working on it.

The construction site that Beatrix’ is going to enter will fill up with masses of talented construction workers in early dawn. It was in the early years of the last century that some of the most impressive skyscrapers were built. The wood, steel and other materials on site will be used by the skilled workers to add the next level to the building.

The skyline of New York slowly got its shape. The construction workers, who themselves should also be handled with care, worked their magic above and below the ground: subways, offices, roads and more. Everywhere you hear the sound of these hard workers. The rumbling hits, the rough times and the machines fit perfectly in the atmosphere of Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”, which will be the foundation of this Beatrix’ program. All these elements will give shape to a powerful and energetic program. The audience will again be treated to an imposing spectacle.

Beatrix’ has proven to be able to entertain the audience with a hornline with a rich sound, a technically skilled but also very musical percussion section, an award-winning guard and well-written choreography.

There are some vacant positions on the construction site. We are still looking for carpenters and plumbers, but you can also apply for other specializations. We are looking for people who can work perfectly in a team, because when you want to get so much work done as we are planning in only twelve minutes, we need a lot of hands who know blindly what they are doing. We don’t want accidents to happen.

Luckily we have enough experienced foremen on site who can train you. If you are interested, you can still apply! Join us while we are “Under Construction”.

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