Surf Sets Sights On 2012 Lone Star State Debut

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While program design plans are underway to propel the Jersey Surf to new competitive heights on the 2012 DCI Tour with its exciting Bridgemania production, intensive logistical planning has also begun, intended to expand the corps’ travel schedule to include the DCI Southwestern Regional Championship in San Antonio, TX next July.

“It has long been our dream to provide our members with the opportunity to perform before one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable audiences on the DCI Tour at the Alamodome in San Antonio,” said Bob Jacobs, Executive Director of the Jersey Surf. “We’ve had a number of discussions over the past several seasons with our student leadership and corps administration pertaining to further expansion of our tour, and we are excited at the prospect of taking this next growth step, by hopefully adding the Southwestern Regional Championship to our itinerary, along with our regular visits to the Southeastern Championship in Atlanta and Eastern Classic in Allentown. We will have considerable work to do to manage the logistics of this expansion, and of course ensuring that we have adequate funds in place to offset the additional expense, but our intent is to bring our Bridgemania production to a new audience in Texas and the deep south, and to “Share the Love” with tens of thousands of new friends that we’ve yet to meet!”

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