2012 Connecticut Hurricanes Board Of Directors

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The Connecticut Hurricanes are very excited to announce the corps Board of Directors and management team for 2012. John Ashelford has been named Chairman and Business Manager while Bernie Malesky will serve as Vice Chairman and Corps President. Erin Joy McLaughlin was named Treasurer and Thomas A. Gabianelli will serve as Secretary. The Board of Directors for 2012 will be Bob Bradley, John Glynn, Paul Mayer, William Nimons, Peter Prophe, Robert Smith, Diane Stroman, Stephen Varga, Richard Warga, and Kenneth Voltre. Charles King and John Fisher will serve on the Advisory Board.

The management team includes Bernie Malesky as President, Doug Oravez will be the Coprs Director, and John Ashelford as Business Manager. Bill Flaker will be the Publicity Coordinayor while Bill Duquette will handle the new and much improved web site. Vidal Orduz will handle Recruitment and Bob Glover will serve as Fundraiser Coordinator. Rich Tardie will be the Transportation Coordinator and Inventory Control. Jay Reed will serve as Equipment Manager and Inventory Coordinator. Daniel Staffieri has been appointed as the corps Personnel Manager. For more information regarding the Connecticut Hurricanes please visit our web site.

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