In The News: Getting To Know Santa Clara Vanguard

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Winners. Undefeated. First place. World Title. Read over the history of the Santa Clara Vanguard, and these words are repeated over and over. Victories over other teams from countries including Europe Canada, Canada, Japan and the United States show the consistency and excellence of the Santa Clara Vanguard (SCV). Not to say they never lose, but more often than not, it seems they’re winning.

However, despite those glowing reviews, looking at the history of the SCV, it’s almost a miracle they’ve achieved anything at all. On March 6, 1967, a disagreement between supporters over the artistic direction of the Sunnyvale Sparks Drum & Bugle Corps, saw the parents vote to disband the drum and bugle corps and return to a drum and bell corps with majorettes (typically a baton twirler who also performs a choreographed dance). After that meeting, three of the adults took some of the drum corps players aside and told them what had transpired. Asked if they wanted to keep the drum and bugle corps alive, they overwhelming supported the idea and a new corps was formed. That night, Gail Royer, a local elementary school music teacher and music instructor for the Sparks, was selected to be the director for the newly formed corps. The name Vanguard was selected after the first practice.

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