The Company Announces 2012 Program

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The 2012 show of The Company Performance Ensemble will tell a story that has been around since the 17th century. Retold and performed in their own way, The Company intends to bring an age old fairytale to the drum corps field. ‘Red Riding Hood’ will allow the corps to explore the tale’s highs and lows in a way they believe will put their own twist on the classic fable.

Craig Sherratt adds: “Entertainment and challenge are the first things we need to address when picking a program and once again I believe we have this. The show will give us a classic famous story which will sell itself, a great soundtrack to back this provided by Andrew Markworth, some very strong visual images provided by our own in-house creative visual partnership of Ian Butt and myself, plus the chance to add our own adaptation to this tale. I hope all ages will enjoy our take on Red Riding Hood, it will be a show aimed at entertaining my children, an audience and the adjudicators alike.”

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