Beatrix Winter Guard Announces 2012 Program

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With great memories of the 2011 trip to the WGI World Champions still vibrant and freshly in the minds, Beatrix’ World Guard has kicked off the 2012 winter season. After being promoted from Independent Open to Independent World, and eventually having a dream come true by making WGI World Finals, Beatrix’ will try her very best to continue to stay worthy of her new classification.

Sadly, it will not be possible to return to Dayton this coming season, however a number of shows in The Netherlands will be attended, as well as the WGI Euro Regional. A partially new, and very eager team, has started working on the new production.

“The angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection”

The fascinating effects of a mirror give rise to further exploration within our artistic world than has ever been done before. Layered with color, or exactly the absence thereof, whilst denying any implied physical limitations and approaching the effect in various ways, this concept provides an interesting visual whole, that has brought the performers their biggest challenges so far.

The real Winterguard lover will see, understand and appreciate what the 2012 Beatrix’ World Guard team will bring to the contest halls.

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