Cavaliers Inspire Young Fan

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From the eerie opening to the last intense statement, The Cavaliers’ 2010 production ‘Mad World’ left an undeniable impression on thousands of fans across the United States. During each performance that season, the memorable ‘This is My Rifle’ sequence launched audiences into an absolute frenzy of excitement. Witnessing 100 rifles hit the field has a way of doing exactly that!

For Jameson, a young boy from Tennessee, the experience of seeing the corps rehearse live has had a positive impact on his life. “His long-term interest in The Cavaliers took me by surprise,” said Nancy, Jameson’s mother. “Most children his age do not seem to have a long-term interest in much of anything.” Last year, the corps sent Jameson a rifle used in ‘Mad World,’ leaving the young fan beaming with excitement. “He watches videos of the corps online and continuously practices to ‘be a Cavalier.'”

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