Fusion Core Announces 2012 Program

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Despite the outcome, Fusion 2011 delivered on a whole new level – proving to be one of the Core’s strongest years in a short, yet successful history. Having escaped the rhythmic beats of “Africore” last year, the 2012 Fusion family dives headlong into beats of a different nature as they carry out “The HIT.” Fusion’s dramatic production parallels the fight to the top and the struggles to stay there present in both the drum corps activity and traditional mob rivalries.

The program opens with the solemn funeral of a beloved mob boss as a mournful and beautifully haunting rendition of Ave Maria floats above the field. But things are not always what they seem; while tears are being shed, other plans are being made.

The appointment of the new Don is ushered in with the powerfully iconic Godfather theme, Speak Softly Love. While this incumbent character may not know or care what he is in for, he’s living life out loud in the energetic celebration that is Gangsta Jazz.

As the new leader will soon find out, being on top is not all fun and games. Confrontation, rivalry, deceit and wicked intentions are dramatically voiced through the seamless interwoven melodies of Nessun Dorma and La Forza Del Destino.

The ongoing fight to be the best, defend turf and family finally comes to a head with Scootin’ on Hardrock. The intense, dramatic melodies and driving rhythms propel the Core forward to the final conflict resolution….Or does it???

When the final shot has rung out and the final judgments made, will the new Don stay on top or fall victim to worthy competition?

Find out this summer as Fusion takes you along for “The HIT.”

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