Boston Crusaders Calling All Volunteers

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The members of the 2012 Boston Crusaders are eagerly anticipating their upcoming summer tour, which will take them to a new Spring Training site in northern California followed by a coast-to-coast tour covering nearly 15,000 miles in less than 60 days!

According to Program Coordinator and Drill Designer Brian Murphy, “In the 9 seasons I have been involved with the corps, this is certainly shaping up to the most exciting one yet. The 2012 program, The Titans, embodies all the things that make Boston Crusaders who they are, but will push our boundaries and will hopefully set a new standard of performance and excellence for the corps. This years music takes a more classical approach with Respighi’s Pines of Rome and Malher’s Symphony #1, but don’t let those classical titles scare you away. This music was made for drum corps. It has power and passion and who better to bring it to the field than Boston Crusaders. With our west coast tour and our participation in the Tour of Champions events, we are spending our winter months agressively preparing the show and the members to hit the ground running for our season debut in Clovis, CA. By all accounts, this should be a very exciting season for us.”

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