2012 Cadets History Night

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The Cadets finished the opener today! In marching rehearsal this morning, the corps learned the final 13 pages of “Carol of the Bells,” bringing the show to 88 pages of drill and roughly four minutes in length. “Carol Part Three” ends at 192 beats per minute, and let’s just say the word “crazy” has been tossed around by both members and staff today.

Sectionals proceeded as normal after the grilled cheese party (see yesterday’s entry), but as expected, the rain did come. “The dark clouds were behind us, then they started kinda circling the field, and then it closed in,” baritone player Pat Smith said. It was eerily warm and still outside, then a chill breeze swept in and the staff sent the kids into the dorms at 5:30, about 30 minutes before snack. The downpour hit about ten minutes later, while the members awaited instructions in the dorm lobbies.

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