2012 Cadets Working Around The Rain

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Today, Richland High School had its annual junior/senior powder puff football game, so The Cadets’ schedule for the day was a little thrown. Since we had no access to the stadium in the evening, the staff decided to allocate the time into two marching blocks, pushing sectionals back to the evening block and cancelling ensemble.

The marching staff spent the first marching block teaching some body movement for the beginning of the show. Fluffy, white clouds gradually led to a dull, dark blue in the distance, and by the end of lunch, the food crew was taking down the tables and tents again to prepare for 50-plus-mile-an-hour winds. The hornline and color guard shared the field house for a while to stay out of the rain, then the brass headed out to the field to learn the first few scatter-drill sets of “Jingle Bells.” After so much marching at 192 beats per minute in the opener, the members said that Jingle’s 160 tempo feels amazingly slow.

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