Bushwackers’ Peter Bond Clinic A Huge Success

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Peter Bond, a well respected professional trumpet player and former caption head of the Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps, held a clinic for the Bushwackers brass line over Memorial day weekend. This was basically a 4-hour master class on a smarter way to play a brass instrument. Members were engaged in interactive discussions on brass pedagogy as well as hearing Peter Bond demonstrate his wonderful playing ability on trumpet, in addition to being treated to many of Mr. Bond’s jokes!

Mr. Bond also listened to every player individually and provided personalized feedback on each player’s ability and what they needed to do to improve their playing skills. He also listened to the entire brass line play exercises and show music, and provided techniques in how to make the ensemble sound more cohesive and vibrant.

“It was quite amazing to hear each individual play with a higher quality of sound and volume by applying Mr. Bond’s technique” said corps director, Bob Gupta. “Players were being transformed in front of our eyes and when the entire ensemble played again, it sounded like we had doubled in size!”

Members were open-minded and very receptive to trying a new way of doing things. Veteran trumpet player Christian Vivas said “Peter had a way of breaking old habits and before I knew it, I was playing some notes with a quarter of the effort. It boggled my mind how he got me to do that!”

The resulting benefit in playing was immediate. Veteran member Ray Bretones said “Within the first 20 minutes, he got me to approach playing in a completely different direction.

This clinic is part of the ongoing educational series of the Bushwackers organization. The corps has already held a percussion clinic for over 40 students during the winter, and will be running their 3rd clinic in June for over 170 marching band members. “The highest goal of the Bushwackers organization is to combine educational opportunities along with the more traditional competitive aspects of a drum corps season,” said Bob Gupta, Bushwackers director. “This approach has a greater benefit to members as well as outside students, and it is a key part of the Bushwackers growth strategy.”

If you interested in being a part of this combined educational and competitive approach, there is still time. We have openings in all sections of the corps, and membership is open to all ages. For more information about joining or about the clinics, please contact us at info [at] bushwackers [dot] org

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