2012 Cadets Work To Have Fun And To Be Clean

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Back in New York, The Cadets hornline learned some new choreography in marching rehearsal to accompany the musical changes at the end of “Jingle Bells.” Visual staff members Austin Greene and James Gow came up with the sequence and taught it to the corps yesterday morning as the members sang their parts to the jam-out section. It’s a cool mixture of laidback playing and dance positions, and Marching Caption Supervisor Jarrod Huntley complimented and cautioned the brass players on their approach at the end of the block: “That’s good stuff guys; the crowd’s gonna dig it,” he said. “But we can’t forget that we’re being judged. We’ve got to have fun, and we have to be clean. It has to be precise. It has to be enjoyable. You have to bring your personality to it, and it has to be right.”

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