2012 Jersey Surf Building Hype

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During spring training, you won’t find many people working indoors. In the midst of several fields behind the main stadium lay a small patch of land surrounded by trees. In that clearing, you won’t find a trumpet or drum, but rather a plethora of fabric, wood, and metal. It may seem innocent, but behind those simple objects are formidable forces- performers known as the Jersey Surf color guard.

As the “corps proper” rehearses in their sectionals, the color guard takes the field, preparing for competition. As someone who has spent seven years in various color guards, I know the both the frustration and elation that comes from practicing this close to performance time. With the home opener just days away, the pressure is on to perform routines flawlessly and with a smile. You can’t miss the intense look of concentration on their faces as they work their way through routines, and the look of joy as they nail a difficult toss or complete a tricky move.

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